Massage Therapy

Many patients choose the Pain and Wellness group near Zandale in Lexington, KY for massage therapy, from the licensed Dr. Barrett. The benefits of massage therapy extend beyond relaxation. It can actually be a great way for patients suffering from spinal ailments to reduce inflammation and pain. A torn ligament or damaged tissues will need medical care but will also need rehabilitation techniques to recover.

Massage Therapy Q & A

How Does Massage Therapy Supplement Chiropractic Care?

Massage therapy is treatment used in conjunction with chiropractic services to help suffering patients. The chiropractor is typically not a massage therapist. They are two different entities but they work well with each other. Chiropractors are medical doctors trained to deal with ailments affecting the back, neck, spine and joints. Massage therapists are licensed medical professionals that are well-versed in muscle, tendon and ligament care. Chiropractors refer patients to massage therapists or they will have a few in-house that work regularly with patients.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massages are great for patients that suffer from nerve and tissue damage. It helps to decrease chronic pain by stimulating blood flow to areas that have constricted blood vessels. By relieving muscle tension, patients will notice an increase in mobility and comfort. Another great quality of deep tissue massage is reduced blood pressure. The stimulating massage lessens blood pressure in patients suffering from unusually high blood pressure levels. An additional benefit is the rehabilitation of injured muscles. Pulled muscles are one of the major reasons why patients visit a chiropractor. A trained massage therapist can work to lessen toxins in the body through deep tissue massage. The toxins contribute to injuries and massage is a natural way to release them.

The final benefit of deep tissue massage is that it relieves stress. When most people think about deep tissue massage, they envision stress release and that is 100 percent correct. One of the main benefits of deep tissue massage is stress relief. One of the major causes of injury is stress and reducing stress will help patients work through their injury.

Are Other Types of Massage Used?

Other types of massage include Swedish massage and sports massage. Swedish massage improves blood oxygenation, decreases toxins, improves circulation, and relieves stress. Sports massage is a technique used to help athletes repair and recover. It can help chiropractic patients by targeting injured areas and improving blood flow and circulation.