Chiropractic Care

Many patients who come to the Pain and Wellness Group in Lexington, KY experience pain that needs the attention of a professional chiropractor, Dr. Barrett. Chiropractic medicine is an alternative practice that focuses on the treatment of spinal injuries and ailments. Chiropractic doctors use a variety of methods including exercises, stretches, instruments and massage therapy that are specifically designed to relieve pain in the back, neck, knees, and joints.

Chiropractic Care Q & A

What Treatments Are Used in Chiropractic Care?

New advancements in chiropractic medicine are introduced each year as doctors receive more in-depth training and technology has become more advanced. Nowadays, doctors are utilizing space age technology to examine and treat ailing patients. Doctor as are also reforming old techniques by incorporating some of these advanced instruments. One of the newest treatments in chiropractic care is spinal decompression. Spinal decompression involves a table that stretches the spine and alleviates spinal tension. This is accomplished using an electronically controlled table to extend the spine.

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is another form of medicine chiropractors use on patients. This technique is not as invasive and is relatively painless. It also varies in intensity. Professionals use cool lasers, therapeutic lasers, low-power lasers, and soft lasers. The lasers produce infrared lights which vitalize the body cells stimulating tissue regeneration, wound healing, and pain relief.

What Are Spinal Instruments?

Spinal adjustment is another major technique used through chiropractic history. The cervical spine is a special area that benefits tremendously from spinal adjustment. Chiropractors use instruments custom designed to reduce inflammation of the joints and pain. The Pulstar and the ProAdjuster are sensors that are able to detect the fluidity levels of the cervical vertebrae.

What Is Shock Wave Therapy?

This intense treatment method is extracorporeal and uses acoustic waves to deliver relief to the tendons and alleviate tissues. A probe with an electric charge is activated all over the skin with pressure waves pulsing down to the problem area. Shock therapy is meant to increase blood flow in areas with poor circulation. Typically, patients need multiple sessions to see results.

What Is Insight Subluxation Station?

This is one of the most advanced technologies in chiropractic medicine today. This is a system created by the Space Foundation to help chiropractors gather intimate knowledge of patient conditions and ailments. It uses a combination of five different technologies to build an index of the patient’s issues and subsequent treatments.