Neck Pain Relief

The neck is comprised of the cervical spine which supports the head. The neck can get damaged from a variety of activities including sedentary ones such as sitting for a long time, bad posture, and aging. Dr. Barrett of the Pain and Wellness Group near Zandale in Lexington, KY specializes in treating neck pain through chiropractic care to help patients achieve the results they need for a better, healthier quality of life.

Neck Pain Relief Q & A

How is Neck Pain Diagnosed?

When a patient that is suffering from neck pain visits the chiropractor, they will have to answer basic questions about the pain and its intensity as well as its trajectory. The cervical spine is connected to other areas of the body so pain can travel.

After a verbal assessment, the chiropractor will start by performing a physical examination. During the examination, the patient’s posture, stance, movements and range of motion will be tested to give the professional a better understanding of the condition. Then, the chiropractor can decide to do neurological testing such as x-rays or an MRI to probe the body and determine if any nerve or sensory damage exists.

What Are Cervical Adjustments?

The cervical spine is a vital and crucial area of the body that is susceptible to injury and degeneration. The cervical spine is the name for the neck which is comprised of the spine, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The neck connects to the thoracic spine and sends messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

One of the ways that chiropractors fix cervical spine ailments is through adjustments. Chiropractors can choose to use specialized tools such as the PulStar or use physical force to realign the spine. The procedure consists of excess force applied to areas that are damaged or inflamed. Over time, the patient will notice increased range of motion and muscle pain relief.

What Is Cervical Manual Traction?

This is another technique that requires the doctor to use their hands as an excessive force on the patient’s spine. During this technique, the patient lies face-down on a special chiropractic table. The chiropractor massages the neck and adjusts the cervical spine by extending the muscles forward and backward. This technique will require multiple sessions before the patient feels any true relief. Chiropractors encourage patients to be vocal during the process to alert them to any changes in their condition.