Back Pain Relief

The back is a complex system of muscles, tendons, and tissues that revolve around the spine. Dr. Barrett at the Pain and Wellness Group near Zandale in Lexington, KY specializes in treating back pain relief through personalized chiropractic care. Suggestions such as exercises for patients to try at home in addition to chiropractic treatments will help repair the inflamed elements in their backs.

Back Pain Relief Q & A

What Happens During an Appointment for Back Pain?

Many patients seek treatment for lower back issues such as pain and lumbar herniated discs. Other types of back injuries include mechanical back pain and sciatica. Certain patients may even suffer from fractures or pinched nerves. In order to pinpoint a patient’s particular back issue, the doctor must evaluate the body through a series of tests.The doctor will assess the patient in a private consultation. The doctor will the discuss the pain that a patient is experiencing and the affected areas.

The chiropractor will then do a physical examination. They will usually use their hands to apply pressure to certain points to gauge pain levels. Once that is complete, they will perform some medical testing which can include digital x-rays. Neurological testing gives them an extensive look inside the body. Once the doctor has pinpointed an issue, they will develop a treatment plan.

What Are Spinal Adjustments?

Spinal adjustment is a comprehensive therapy system that is used to increase functionality and lessen nerve sensitivity. The doctor uses manual techniques to adjust joints and help realign the spine. The patient lays face down or face up during this procedure and the doctor uses his hand to apply pressure to the vertebrae. It is considered an adjustment technique and when done properly in conjunction with massages, the patient will experience an increased range of motion.

What is Spinal Mobilization?

This technique was created to improve joint functionality for injured patients. The doctor can use an instrument to adjust the spine. This technique is called the activator method. The cox-flexion distraction technique involves gentle rocking motions intended to stretch the spine. The toggle drop is a method that chiropractors use to adjust the spine. Patients lay on a drop-table and the doctor uses his hands to apply pressure to the back. The table is built to “drop” each time the doctor applies pressure to the spine.