Hip Pain Relief

Dr. David Barrett, of the Pain and Wellness Group near Zandale in Lexington, KY, specializes in treating hip pain through chiropractic care. The hips are used by the body to bend, walk, sit, and everyday activities. There are many conditions the hips can suffer from during a person’s lifetime. Hip pain can be a dull ache that persists for an extended period of time or sudden episodes of sharp pain.

Hip Pain Relief Q & A

What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip problems can also be caused by spinal issues such as spinal misalignment. Older patients and patients that are involved in sports are very susceptible to hip ailments. A person may be unaware of the root cause of their hip troubles, but the professionals at Lexington Pain and Wellness group can detect and treat hip issues.

The doctor will do a thorough examination which includes a discussion and physical assessment of the hip and pelvic area. Remember that the hips and pelvis are connected, so pelvic issues can lead to hip problems later on. The doctor may also do neurological testing using x-rays and other machines to examine the bones and joints in the hip area.

Can Hip Flexors Cause Pain?

The hip area has a variety of flexors, also known as inner hip muscles, that control movement. Like muscles in other parts of the body, hip muscles can become strained. Tight hip flexors cause poor posture and other ailments. Tight hip flexors are comprised of a system of muscles located on the front of the leg. They inhibit the glutes causing hamstring constriction and tightening. Patients will notice trouble walking, posture issues, foot issues, and calf pain.

What Treatments Are Used to Address Hip Pain?

Chiropractors will consult patients on preventative measures as well as treatment options for present hip conditions. Osteoarthritis, trauma, sciatica, inflammation, and irritation are just a few of the conditions that result in hip pain. Doctors will develop an exercise regimen to help with hip issues. Exercises condition the body and assist ligaments and muscles in the rehabilitation process. There are also stretches that can be done to alleviate pain and retrain damaged areas. A chiropractor will work with the patient to develop the appropriate treatment plan.

Chiropractic adjustments are one of the primary measures doctors use to treat hip pain. Axial manipulation of the hip works to extend the leg muscles and ease the hip socket. Other forms of treatment include stretching and full kinetic chain treatment.