Joint Pain Relief

There are 360 joints in the human body that work constantly to help do basic tasks. Any of these joints can become inflamed and cause pain or injury. Dr. Barrett, a trained chiropractor at the Pain and Wellness Group near Zandale in Lexington, KY, will evaluate the patient’s body to determine where the problematic joint is and decide which treatment will work best for them.

Joint Pain Relief Q & A

What Causes Pain In the Sacroiliac Joint?

The sacroiliac joint is located between the lumbar spine and tailbone. It connects the sacrum (part of the spine) with the pelvic area. The joint is an integral part of the spine and serves multiple functions. It is made to absorb shock and transfer energy from the upper body to the hips and legs. Sacroiliac joint pain is caused by hypermobility, too much motion, and hypomobility, too little motion. Pain will be felt in the lower back, hip, leg, and groin areas.

For this condition, the doctor must do a physical test to determine the cause of pain. The chiropractic will have the patient lay down and bend their knee all the way to their chest to test the pelvis and upper thigh area for pain.

Can Dr. Barrett Treat Other Joints?

Any one of the 360 joints that the body is comprised of can become achy and inflamed. Joints work constantly to help people do basic tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, etc. As people age, the cartilage between our bones begin to wear causing pain. Age is a major factor in joint inflammation. Intense physical activity will also increase joint sensitivity and pain. A chiropractor will be able to assess the body to determine where the problematic joints are located and why they are causing pain.

What Treatments Help With Joint Pain?

The doctor may recommend an icy hot treatment to relieve joint pain. Ice will be applied in 20-minute intervals to the affected area during periods of intense pain. The treatment can last for two weeks after which heat will be applied to the area to reinforce the healing process. The chiropractor will also use manual manipulation, side-posture manipulation, blocking techniques, and instrumentation.

How Is Shoulder Pain Relieved?

Upper back pain is typically caused by muscle irritation and joint dysfunction. The shoulder blade is cushioned by major muscles that can become strained due to sports or normal physical activity. Massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment will work well to nurse this area back to health.