Dr. David Barrett, from the Lexington Pain and Wellness Group near Zandale in Lexington, KY, specializes in chiropractic care and works closely with patients to rehabilitate their bodies after minor or major injuries. A chiropractor can help patients learn how to properly care for torn ligaments, muscle sprains, and other ailments. To ensure that a patient’s body is in proper condition after undergoing trauma, request the services of a trained chiropractor.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What Is Posture Correction?

Posture correction is an important rehabilitative technique that chiropractors use to help patients suffering from sciatica and other spinal conditions. Improving posture will not only help current conditions but will also prevent new conditions from developing. There are a few different conditions that cause posture problems. These conditions are rounded shoulders, over-pronated feet, hunchback, forward head, and forward hip tilt. The chiropractic will work closely with the patient to find the source of the problem and to repair it.

What Treatments Are Used to Correct Posture?

Surprisingly, massage therapy can help improve posture by loosening tight and constricted muscles. Massages will also help the muscles to release toxins and improve blood flow to increase range of motion and fluidity in the body. Eventually, the muscles will start to relax and it will be easier for the patient to stand and sit up straight.

Stretching also helps to improve posture. Chiropractors will have a list of stretches patients can do to improve posture by extending the spine and neck area. There are a variety of exercises that target different areas of the body to repair poor posture. For instance, static lunges will help patients with forward hip tilt issues.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

When the plantar fascia—ligament that connects heel bone to toes—is strained it can result in foot problems that cause pain when standing and walking. Sometimes, the pain will travel up the leg causing leg and hip pain. One of the conditions that causes poor posture, over-pronated feet, can also cause plantar fasciitis. The doctor will suggest a variety of exercises such as foot and toe stretches that are meant to correct foot problems. Chiropractors also recommend specialized shoes to cushion the foot and improve gait.

When Is Surgery Necessary?

Severe cases of plantar fasciitis will require surgery by an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon will remove parts of the plantar fascia to relieve strain on the ligament. A trained chiropractor will be able to evaluate a patient’s plantar fascia to determine if surgery is the right course for them.